Posted by: biblioglobal | May 29, 2012

More on Moldova

I’ve got three books read (Israel, Nigeria and Angola) that I haven’t managed to finish posts about. Hopefully I’ll get those out soon. In the meantime I’ve also been reading a few more bits and pieces about Moldova that I wanted to share.

I came across a blog,, that was written by a woman from Michigan who spent a year living in Moldova. She does a great job noting all sorts of differences in culture. Apparently in Moldova you can buy milk with 0.5%, 1.5%, 2.0%, 2.5%, 3.5%, 4.5%, 5% and 6% fat. And it comes in plastic bags. The blog was interesting enough that I read the whole thing and I didn’t find any mention of unhappy Moldovans anywhere. Instead, the Moldovans seemed quite friendly. (The fact that the visitors had small children probably helped. My parents say that they got all sorts of extra-friendly treatment when they traveled with me as a toddler.)

One thing I learned in the book Playing Tennis with the Moldovans, but didn’t mention previously was that part of Moldova, known as Transnistria, actually functions as a separate country with its own government, border customs, and post office. The other day the New York Times had an article discussing the history and status of Transnistria.


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