Posted by: biblioglobal | April 17, 2014

The “Library Shelf”

BiblioBoyfriend and I recently broke down and bought a new bookshelf. We’d moved into our small apartment with one bookcase apiece and were each trying valiantly to keep our book collection small enough to fit. But we both hit the point where we no longer had books we were willing to get rid of. So somehow we found room to squeeze in one more bookcase to be shared between us.

India Shelf

The India shelf

I thought it would be nice to actually mix some of our books together on one shelf, so we created a shelf for all of our books relating to India.  Most excitingly though, there was finally space again for a “library shelf”.

No one will be surprised to hear that I have loved visiting libraries ever since I was a child. My family would always try to go to the library on the same day of the week, because that was when the librarian whose name was almost the same as mine worked, the librarian who knew us as regulars and always said hello to me.

The children’s section was on the second floor and I was always so excited that I would run up the stairs. I couldn’t understand why other people didn’t run up the stairs. Why weren’t they in more of a hurry to get to the books?!

When we brought our books home, they would go on the “library shelf”. It was a small shelf, built into the wall under the stairs. Just two shelves, each one maybe a foot wide. The perfect size for holding our library books.

I’m a little sad that I don’t run up the library steps anymore (actually, my current library doesn’t even have any stairs), but I still love my trips to the library.   So I’m thrilled that our new bookcase gives us room for a “library shelf”. BiblioBoyfriend’s books are on the left and mine are on the right. There are books there checked out from three different libraries. Some have traveled by special request from far-away libraries. Some have been read and some are still waiting. Some BiblioBoyfriend has read and now I want to read and some vice versa. Life is good.

Library Shelf

Our library shelf




  1. I love the idea of a library shelf! I never kept books long enough to need a whole shelf for them 😀 But these days I keep them either on my desk or on my bedside table.

    • The collection on the library shelf is actually quite small right now! Having access to an academic library where I can check books out for indefinite lengths of time can be dangerous.

  2. interesting, I do not have any, though I think it is a good idea to have one.

    • It’s handy to have a consistent place where they go, just to not lose track of them! (Probably less of a problem if you don’t get books from three different libraries…)

  3. I’m glad you have a library shelf now! I’m struggling with “one bookshelf in a tiny apartment” syndrome as well. Looking forward to moving to a bigger place (hopefully) this summer so I can get another shelf!

    • It’s tough isn’t it? It was getting to the point where the library books were just all stacked in front of the books I actually own, but I just couldn’t get myself to get rid of any of them.

  4. Yay for a new bookcase! Your library story is wonderful. I never had a library with stairs but if I did I know I would have run up them too!

  5. I love this idea! I’m a library junkie as well; I’ve always been one of those people that can’t help but to walk out with a big stack of books.

    • Yay for library junkies! What could be better than walking out of the library with a big stack of books? (Well, maybe more time to read them all…)

  6. […] for way too much money. But they’re still there at my childhood library (the one where I always ran up the stairs), though sadly packed away in storage. I think the next time I’m back in town, I’ll […]

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