Posted by: biblioglobal | August 29, 2015

Books from seventy countries

Usually I am counting down to the milestones, but this one came while I was taking a break from blogging and I didn’t even realize that By Night the Mountain Burns was my 70th book until I wrote up my review of it. I read it in June, and given that I read my 60th book last August, that means it took me 9 months to read books from 10 more countries. That’s a significant slow down from my previous pace, but I suppose the important thing is that I’m still working on it.

Where I’ve been:

In this set of ten books I’ve traveled to: Estonia, Senegal, South Korea, Ghana, Ukraine, Colombia, Togo, Ecuador, Spain, and Equatorial Guinea. (Click on the country to see my thoughts.)

After many laments about how I need to read more South American books, I finally have caught up with two South American books in this set. I really enjoyed both of them, which was great after so much avoidance of reading South American books on my part.

Most memorable:

Usually I end up picking several books as the most memorable. Although there were many good books in this set, this time there is one book that clearly stands out to me as the most memorable. That book is The Sound of Things Falling, by Juan Gabriel Vasquez, representing Colombia.

Where I’m headed:

Since I’m behind on my reviews, I can tell you that the next countries I will be visiting are Libya, Somalia, and Trinidad and Tobago.

I notice that my recent reading has been more fiction-heavy than before. I have some non-fiction books that I’m excited to read for this project, so I think I will try to make some of them more of a priority.



  1. Seventy countries! That’s really impressive. I admire how you always find books for countries i never would have thought of. Happy reading! 🙂

    • Thanks! Of course, the really tough countries that I haven’t found books for yet are, by definition, in the list that I have yet to cover. In some cases, I’m hoping that someone will publish a book that I want to read sometime before I finish!

  2. Nice catching up to my total I think I’m near 100 countries on the blog

    • I may catch up to your number of countries, but I’ll never catch up to your number of translations!

  3. Yay, 70! I have been slowly building my list of countries visited over this past week. While I won’t be hunting for international books just yet, I am hoping to build my TBR up a bit so that when things relax a bit at home, I can jump right in. I love that you finally read a few SA books. I still have that continent as a challenge area so I’ll be looking for your recommendations.

    • I certainly imagine you’re not looking for too much of a challenge in your reading at the moment! It’s always fun to make plans though.

  4. I like that you’re relaxed about your goal and not too concerned. It seems like a great opportunity to just meander around the world reading here and there, rather than stressing over it every waking moment.

  5. Grats on reaching 70, no matter the time. Did you read another books in the meantime? Me reading for Around the World from A to Z also got lagged. 😉

    • Yes, I am reading other books too. It would probably be a lot faster if I didn’t, but not much fun! The further I get, the more I find myself repeating countries. For example, I’m reading another Algerian book at the moment.

      • Well, repeating some countries is unavoidable, when you get to a certain point. As long as it’s fun, who cares it’ll take longer? 😉

  6. Are you reading White Woman on a Green Bicycle for Trinidad? I loved that book.

    • I read The Dragon Can’t Dance by Earl Lovelace. White Woman on a Green Bicycle was one I was looking at though. I will probably read it at some point. It does look very good!

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